Your Lint Helped Build The World's Largest Ball of Lint!

If you've had your dryer vents cleaned by Dryer Vent Wizard in the last couple of months, your lint helped us set a world record! This amazing moment was highlighted in the Reno Gazette Journal's article "Congrats, Reno — your dryer lint helped set a world record".

Over the last couple of months, as we have been diligently cleaning out your dryer vents, we have collected the excess lint. We sent our Reno lint to headquarters to used in creating a world record winning, 690 pound ball of lint! After winning the record, we took the opportunity to spread fire safety awareness by demonstrating the dangers of lint build up in your vents by setting it on fire.

To protect your home from a dryer fire, make sure to have your vents regularly cleaned and inspected by the experts at Dryer Vent Wizard.

We created the world's largest ball of lint!
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