The Hidden Dangers of New Appliances

I recently went to a customer who was smelling a from their clothes dryer.
I got there, turned on their brand new clothes dryer and smelled nothing and the vent was working great!
We had recently cleaned the vent line and this was a brand new appliance. We talked for a bit, me going outside to check for any odors from the dryer termination, nothing.
We stood there talking by the clothes dryer when I notice a whiff of smoke from behind the dryer, then the smell.
I quickly turned the dryer off and unplugged it.
Lucky she called us to check! Faulty outlet? Bad appliance wiring? Definitely an electric short somewhere.
When I unplugged the clothes dryer from the wall and found this!
The outlet socket was also burnt!

Dryer plug that has been burnt.
A close look at an outlet that has been burnt.
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